Why Choose a Glass Bathroom Vanity?

When people describe glass bathroom vanities, they are usually talking about the countertop and sink being made of glass. While some vanities are completely made out of glass, including the cabinets, this is not the norm. A glass bathroom vanity can be extremely expensive and fragile compared to other models. However, these kind of vanities […]

The Modern Looking Steel Bathroom Vanity

While glass bathroom vanities are extremely modern and gaining popularity in households across the world, one cannot forget to discuss the metal bathroom vanities. A metal bathroom vanity is made specifically out of steel. People prefer these vanities because they are much more durable than their glass counterparts and generally last much longer than glass […]

Update Your Bathroom With Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

Contemporary bathroom vanities is what everyone is talking about nowadays. This is a healthy mix between the super modern vanities and the older traditional ones. They don’t only look great but they are also functional. They look good because they have a sleek elegant look. But they are also functional because they contain a lot […]

Antique Bathroom Vanity: Real or Fake?

While the contemporary and modern bathroom vanity is gaining popularity, there are still quite a few people who prefer the look of an antique bathroom vanity. Why is that? It all comes down to personal preference and the style of your house. In an old house or cottage, the antique rustic look would fit great […]

Small Space? Small Bathroom Vanity!

If you have a small house, you most likely have a small bathroom. However, even if you have a big house you may have one or two bathrooms in your house that are limited in space. In such cases, you will need a small bathroom vanity to fit in your washroom. A big bathroom vanity […]

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Bathrooms are an extremely important area of your house. While serving functional purposes, they also have aesthetic value to them. Therefore, you will need to maintain your bathrooms, and this may include renovating them once they get old. In your bathroom, other than your toilet and shower, your bathroom vanity cabinets are a crucial aspect. […]

Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

Bathroom Medicine Cabinets – When you are taking into consideration redesigning your bathroom, you could not assume that a person of your bigger decisions could be the bathroom medicine cabinets. While bathroom medicine cabinets haven’t transformed all that much in their fundamental design, you could still be surprised at the lots of various designs that […]

Painted Kitchen Cabinets Give New Life To Old Cabinets

The cabinets looked wonderful five years ago. Now, however, the wears and tears of everyday life have taken their toll on your cabinets. You need to do an honest inspection of the cabinets and make a judgment call. Should you replace the whole set of cabinets or can you buy some time with a paint […]